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Byer 100 Console Tape Recorder

Apart from the following ad, specifications and sales literature I know very little about this machine. The earliest advertising date I've found for the Model 100 is June 1959. Also it appears to have a number of advanced features including different frequencies for Bias and Erase signals, 14" reel capacity, CCIR eq for record and reproduce and NAB eq for reproduce. I have been told that only six machines were produced and GTV 9 in Melbourne had two. However, I think a few more than six were made as I've also been told that there were at least three machines sold into New Zealand and one that has turned up in NZ is serial number 10.

Recently one of these machines turned up in New Zealand and the new owner provided me with some images.

Below is a close-up of the head block. Note, this machine is badged as a Rola Professional 100, the change from Byer 100 appears to have happened early as this machine is serial number 10. In other documentation the "Byer 100" badging is used in the original product brochure for the Model 100 but by the time Professional Product Brochure A is released the badging has changed to Rola Professional 100. Strangely, when Professional Product Brochure B was released later, the Model 100 is once again called a Byer 100.

Above is the underside of the amplifier chassis, and below is the top of the same chassis, there are ten valves just in the amplifier section.

Below is the rear of the transport and there are at least two valves in this section (possibly 3).

The final image below shows the power supply unit.