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Once again I've changed my web site now it should be easier to find from most search engines. Also to ensure the pages are rendered correctly please use a browser such as IE7, IE8, or FIrefox.

Originally the purpose of this site was to document professional audio recording devices manufactured in Australia. When I first started searching the web for information about Australian made recording equipment there was little to be found. This lack of information is the reason I created the site.

The main focus here is on professional reel to reel magnetic tape recorders but other recording devices such as tape cartridge machines, magnetic drum recorders, disc cutting and replay equipment are also covered.

As I have continued collecting equipment, manuals, advertising material and accessories is has become obvious that devices such as mic preamps, line amps, mixers, power amps, limiters, volume indicators, program failure alarms, etc should be included here. The two criteria for inclusion are that the equipment was made in Australia and that it was used in the recording or broadcasting industry or in commercial settings such as lift announcement or automated message replay. Also some items are a bit odd-ball and may not fit with the main focus of the site but they are in my collection because they were made by manufacturers I've focused on.

Some of the equipment featured in these pages are:

Byer turntables and disc recorders: E-12-D, E-16-D, R-12-D, R-33, T-19, T-25
Byer tape equipment: Magnofilm TM-1, 55, 66 Mk II, 77, 77 Mk II, 100
CEI tape equipment: Cuemaster 77 Mk IV, 77 Mk V, 750 series, 900 series
Plessey tape equipment: 77 Mk III, 77 Mk IV", 700, 707, 700B, 707B, CT-80
Rola tape equipment: 33 Mk II, 66 Mk II, 77 Mk II, 77 Mk III

The contents of these pages to the best of my knowledge are factual but if you find something that is incorrect, or have more accurate or some new information please contact me.

EMAIL: peter@oneillassociates.com.au